Book Solutions

We offer complete book solutions for individuals and organisations that require such services. Some of such solutions are:

Book Donations: At Paperworth, we are regular partners with individuals and organisations for all their book donations projects, ensuring that such endeavours are not just well-meaning but highly impactful. Managing the entirety of such projects from concept level to execution, and monitoring the effectiveness of endeavours.

Build and Equip Libraries: We liaise and confer with our clients to build and equip libraries to specification considering details such as location, furniture, equipment, curating book titles and lists and managing and promoting such a centre.

Other Book Solutions: Book readings, book launches, book events, list curation for book donations, libraries to orphanages, orphans and vulnerable children teacher support, school fees solutions for orphans and vulnerable children, celebrity book readings for school children etc.

Private Libraries: We also offer premium highly specialist library services for individuals in homes and offices able to supply first editions, leather bound books and other specialist design books to suit interior design schemes, themes and purposes.

Consultancy : Operating in the book industry for over fifteen years and across its international and local value chain, we are able to share our expertise by consulting for other booksellers, publishers and self-published authors and similar businesses in the creative eco-system.