Our Publishing Service

Paperworth’s book publishing service exists to enable authors produce excellent books that readers will appreciate and enjoy. We have over 14 years’ experience in producing and retailing books and are the best partners for any book you would like to publish.

How to determine that your work is worth publishing?

Not all manuscripts make it into books, and to produce any book, there is a rigorous production process that is both time and money consuming. Therefore it is important that we are able to determine very early on whether your work is worth publishing. For an honest and fair opinion of your work, we would advise that you send us your synopsis and first three chapters/or no more than 5000 words for our assessment.


If you decide to proceed with the publication of your book, we can offer you an in-depth edit which will entail a fee that would depend on the size and technicality of your manuscript. We would assess your work and give you valuable feedback on the content, structure, language and marketability of the book. This is meant to be an independent expert’s perspective to guide direction of your publication.

Publication Process

Moving forward with the publication, we try to follow a simple step process in handling your manuscript as listed below.

  • Upon receipt of manuscript, agreement of contractual terms and payment of deposit, our professional team will begin to work on your book.
  • An ISBN number is then assigned to your book.
  • Our editorial team will carefully edit your work to pre-agreed standards with the main focus being to enhance the book’s readability. (This process often takes time, going back and forth between editors and author a few times.)
  • Our design team will then create a suitable cover and back page for your book as well as typeset your book to international standards.
  • We can then print as many copies of your book as you want.
  • We are also able to publish your books electronically across media platforms, as well as market and distribute your titles nationally and internationally.

So if you have a message or a story to share, then publish with us. We are able to publish both fiction and non-fiction genres. Please contact us on +2348023130116 and paperworthbooks@gmail.com to discuss specifications and get a quote.